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Day of the Dead – October 30th, 2014

Day of the Dead – Lecture by José Lara and Roli Mancera

GRLAFF 4/6/14

Our Neighbors, the Primitives – Lecture by Dr. Fernando Valerio Holguin

Q&A on Jean Gentil with Director Laura Amelia Guzman

Kama Kamanda Poetry Reading (parts 1 & 2)

Date of event:  03/24/2014

Talk on the Congo with Kama Kamanda

Date of event: 03/25/2014

Languages Day Celebration – J-Pop Flash Mob!

Concierto Barroco – III. Evakathel und Schnudi

Concierto Barroco – II. La Jácara

Concierto Barroco – I. Miserere

Lezama Lima’s Baroque Legacy – Roberto González Echevarría: 10/25/13

Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom: 10/16/13